Family / Inspiration


“What should I write about?” Titus asked while working on his journal homework yesterday. “Football?” I asked, since he had his first practice and game Sunday. A pause as he considered this idea, followed by a thoughtful and self-confident, “No, my school friends don’t need to know I play football.” He opted instead to invent … Continue reading


Alien Abduction

A twelve hour road trip with a five-year-old boy is quite likely to give way to some laughable memories. My family’s recent drive from Austin, Texas to Branson, Missouri was no exception. At a friend’s suggestion, I purchased a pack of craft pipe cleaners. These bendy sticks amused our whole family. Titus fashioned alien costumes … Continue reading


Traveling with Children

My family and I drove from Austin, Texas to Branson, Missouri. It was about a twelve hour drive each way. Before going, I asked my Facebook friends for suggestions for car ride activities. I have such great friends. They did not fail me. In case you’re traveling soon with small children, here are a few … Continue reading


A Day for the Books

Genevieve has been a latecomer to the talking party. She babbles away happily in baby language. If we catch her just right, she’ll sign a few words such as “more” and “all done” for us in baby sign language. On a really great day, she’ll mimic words like “Up Up Up” as I lift her … Continue reading