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A Few of My Favorite Things Today

Today I read an article on creativity.

Q: What was the bottom line of the article?

A: Get your hands dirty and fix as you go.

Yes. Yes!

I am craving this spontaneous process, if for no other reason than to look fear of failure squarely in the eyes to say, “No more!”

Enough fear!

FISH, COWS, TOAST: a study of color in nature, art and life stories

At Austin’s new aquarium, the bold colors, stripes and polka dots of the tropical fish made me wish I was further along in this process because, really, these beauties deserve a more thoughtful portrait than I currently have skill or equipment to deliver.

fish yellow

My kids were delighted by the aquarium.


The sting rays captured my heart. In the interactive tanks, they’d swim to the surface, excitedly flapping their fins as though to wave, “hello”. If fish are the ocean’s flowers, then sting rays are its puppies. There is loveliness in the depths of the sea I cannot even imagine.

Titus and ray

I had a few minutes of quiet to myself at lunch and admired the restaurant’s paintings. I have a love affair with a design style that may only live in my head – Southwest Modern. I love artwork that mixes southwest imagery with abstract methods of texture and color. Cow Painting

Last summer, I read an article in a food blog on the rising popularity of cinnamon toast in San Francisco. Today, I read an article on the origins of this trend.

Sometimes we find inspiring fighters in unexpected places, and as a nod of solidarity to the cafe called Trouble, I served my children cinnamon toast for dinner.

Cinnamon Toast

If you happen to be reading, and find yourself craving cinnamon toast, simply do this: butter a slice of bread, sprinkle on a bit of sugar and cinnamon and pop it under the broiler for about two minutes until the butter melts. Enjoy!


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