Traveling with Children

My family and I drove from Austin, Texas to Branson, Missouri. It was about a twelve hour drive each way.

Before going, I asked my Facebook friends for suggestions for car ride activities. I have such great friends. They did not fail me.

In case you’re traveling soon with small children, here are a few of the activities that were favorites on the trip:

1. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head – These classic spuds were a win. Big brother giggled at silly creations of Mr. Potato Head with arm eyes and hat feet. Baby sister was happy to take body parts in and out of Mrs. Potato Head’s rear end storage compartment. It helped that they were new.

2.  Pipe Cleaners – Best $2 I’ve ever spent. The whole family got involved in the fun of fashioning alien headwear and zoo animals from these bendy sticks.

3. The Big Book of Search and Find – Titus really enjoyed this activity book. The pictures are bright and whimsical and the list of objects are creatively hidden within each picture.

4. My Dog May Be a Genius by Jack Prelutsky and Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish – We checked out a number of books from the local library for our trip, but these were the favorites.

5. High School Musical 3 and The Little Rascals – These oldies-but-goodies movie flicks evoked the happiest giggles from our boy.

6. A sketch pad and bag of colored pencils – don’t forget a sharpener! Titus created his own Angry Bird storybook and drew abstract art pictures of things he saw on the drive.

7. The camera on an iPhone – we have some silly self portraits and videos Titus took while we traveled.


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