Boathouse Standing

I recently visited my cousin. Texas evenings can be a beautiful respite from our hot days. As the sun sets, the temperature drops and a breeze blows. My cousin’s property is shaded by old trees and situated on the edge of a lake. This boathouse caught my eye. Though it may be weathered, the supporting … Continue reading


Alien Abduction

A twelve hour road trip with a five-year-old boy is quite likely to give way to some laughable memories. My family’s recent drive from Austin, Texas to Branson, Missouri was no exception. At a friend’s suggestion, I purchased a pack of craft pipe cleaners. These bendy sticks amused our whole family. Titus fashioned alien costumes … Continue reading


I Lost a Friend

The swallow’s flight At dawn’s first light, The sweet perfume Of myrtle bloom, And cicada song, all hot day long, Seem at first glance Summer’s gleeful dance, A grandiose parade. It’s but a taunt and charade. As sun fell low And sky blushed rose, In fading light I lost a friend tonight.   Continue reading


Traveling with Children

My family and I drove from Austin, Texas to Branson, Missouri. It was about a twelve hour drive each way. Before going, I asked my Facebook friends for suggestions for car ride activities. I have such great friends. They did not fail me. In case you’re traveling soon with small children, here are a few … Continue reading