A Day for the Books

Genevieve has been a latecomer to the talking party.

She babbles away happily in baby language.

If we catch her just right, she’ll sign a few words such as “more” and “all done” for us in baby sign language.

On a really great day, she’ll mimic words like “Up Up Up” as I lift her up or chatter “Ti Ti Ti” while looking for Titus or “Wa Wa Wa” when she wants water, only to never say those “words” again.

Titus was a late talker as well. At twenty-three months, he was still saying and signing nothing. One night as I tucked him into bed, we read a book about animals. It was as though a light switch suddenly turned on in his mind. He pointed at every picture and made every single animal noise. A couple weeks later he was attempting “mama” and “dada”. Within months he was quite verbose.

Today, nearly four years to the date of that first “Moo” and “Baaa” breakthrough reading with Titus, Genevieve picked an animal book to read before nap.

She happily pointed to every picture and said the sounds to accompany each animal. Perhaps today I witnessed the beginnings of her speech?

Books Vivi

Sandra Boynton was not the only children’s literature author inspiring our family today.

Kenny began reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to Titus tonight.

Books Titus

“What happens next?!” wonders Titus, mouth agape.

It brought back so many sweet memories of my dad reading it to me when I was a girl, and Kenny and I laying on a blanket at a local park and reading it when we were dating.

And so, thirty pages and pleas for “Just one more chapter, Dad!”, C. S. Lewis captures the imagination of another young generation of readers.


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