May the Fourth

May the fourth be with you.

Titus was given $20 last year for his birthday. Over the year he’s earned a little more doing this, that and the other. Yesterday, Kenny took him to the Austin Lego store to use his hard-earned, long-saved money to buy some new Lego kits.

May Fourth Lego Store


He’s been particularly interested in the idea of Star Wars lately.

“Why the ‘idea’?” you might ask.

Great question.

Our thoughtful little man is well suited for peacemaking. He does not care for conflict, one single bit. He giggles and giggles at slapstick humor. He’s thrilled to watch all kinds of documentaries. He has no interest in movies with a hint of minor or diminished chords in the soundtracks – that foreshadows entirely too much tension.

So, for now, he’s happy to imagine the world of Star Wars through the Lego Star Wars kits.

We are thoroughly impressed that he built this himself.

May Fourth Star Wars

After a rushed morning of eating breakfast, dressing the kids, buying milk, eggs and strawberries at the farmers market, and dropping the groceries in the fridge, we set off for downtown.

Today marked the annual Pecan Street Festival. One of Kenny’s work associates was visiting Austin today and invited us to meet him and his wife for lunch.

To avoid the mess that would be parking downtown, we rode the train.

May Fourth Train

Little man was thrilled to watch the rush of passing trees, buildings and streets.

May Fourth Window

“We drove on a road!” he’d occasionally exclaim as we passed over a street while cars lined up behind the crossing guard.

Evening found us at our neighbor’s house watching the Kentucky Derby. Go Orb!

What is the Kentucky Derby without a few desert concoctions of chocolate, pecan and Maker’s Mark?

I feel like a candy-making beast after making this fudge to mark the passing of today’s race.

Who needs marshmallow creme  to make fudge? Not this girl. I did, however, have to pull out the old forgotten candy thermometer out of the back of my kitchen gadget drawer.

See what I mean?


As the sun set and we drove home, baby girl Genevieve, tuckered out from the day’s excitement, fell fast asleep.



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