Family / Inspiration

Evening Farmers Market

Last night, for the first time, my family went to the mid-week market in The Triangle shopping center in Austin.

Compared to the hustle and bustle of the Saturday markets, it was a sweet, quiet little market.

I never fail to learn something new at the markets. Texas Sake Company had a booth last night. Sake crafted in Austin from Texas-grown rice? Who knew!

Some of the farmers recognized me from the Saturday market. In the slower-paced setting, they chatted easily with me about how to prepare new-to-me veggies and observed that Genevieve, sadly, is no longer a tiny baby now.

“There’s a chance for rain Friday,” commented one farmer hopefully.

There in the twinkling Christmas lights and falling dusk, I was reminded once again of what we in our modern culture have lost.

We are so far removed from the work required to produce the food that nourishes our bodies and allows us to live one more day. We think of the talk of weather and growing kids as meaningless small talk.

For the small independent farmers braving the harsh hot dry climate in Central Texas, this meaningless chatter of rain and children is a discussion of survival and celebration of life.

Pretty bicycle parked at the market.

Easy-paced saxophone music curled lazily into the air.

Shorts and Christmas lights – that’s how we roll in Texas.



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