Genevieve Turns One

Yesterday was Genevieve’s birthday.

We invited family friends with a daughter Genevieve’s age to dinner. Kenny’s parents are in town early for Thanksgiving and were able to join in the fun too. Since all our family live far away, having grandparents around for Genevieve’s birthday was an extra special treat.

I do not think of myself as a crafty person. I really do not have the patience for the cutting and gluing and rarely am I pleased with the results of my effort.

However, I had ideas for Genevieve’s birthday.

Several years ago, I spent some time in a since-out-of-business art gallery in downtown Austin. I’m terribly sad at the city’s loss of this gallery, because the owner did a really fantastic job of selecting the works of local artists to display. The gallery was bright, quirky and upbeat.

The name, Haven Gallery, was fitting for me. I’d find time about once a year to go without my kids and just breathe in the beauty and creativity. It was a healing place I’d go after my miscarriages.

Judy Paul is a local artist who often displayed works in the gallery. She uses multi-media design for her whimsical artwork. One day, while browsing her website I found prints I knew I wanted to use in a little girl’s room, should I ever have a little girl.

After learning that Genevieve was going to be a girl, I asked several family members to go in together to purchase the prints for Genevieve’s nursery for my birthday.

This year I’ve spent many precious hours in Genevieve’s sweet little room, cuddling and rocking her. As a celebration of this, I wanted the Judy Paul prints to inspire her first birthday party.

The Judy Paul prints are of circus ponies and have a vintage sort of feel to them. I wanted to keep this feel and expand the idea to a carousel theme.

My sister and my friend helped me so much with coaching, pictures and craft supplies.

I was really pleased with her sweet invitations.

Since she’s too young to remember her birthday, I wanted our food to be carnival food for grown ups.

Here’s the menu:

  • Smoked German sausages from Fredricksburg, Texas with onions carmelized in a Shiner Hefeweizen reduction (Thanks, home-chef hubby for making these!)
  • Carmel apple salad
  • Kettle Chips
  • Bottles of Dr Pepper made with Imperial Cane Sugar (this is Dr Pepper’s nostalgic throwback to the original Dr Pepper recipe formerly bottled by Dublin Bottleworks that was only available in Texas)

I used my friend’s circular punches, craft paper and lollipop sticks to make “carousel horses” for cupcakes.

For party favors, I made this recipe for s’more popcorn. The kids also got boxes of animal crackers.

All in all, it was a really sweet evening of celebrating Vivi’s first birthday with friends and family.

Big brother trying on costume hats at the party supply store.

Flowers in Kenny’s grandmother’s vase. This week is the anniversary of her passing.

Party favors.

Pretty balloon!

What’s this?

Mmmm, cake.

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.” Worn out baby girl.


One thought on “Genevieve Turns One

  1. For not being particularly “crafty” as you say, your party is beautiful and so creative!! So sad we could not be there to celebrate with you!!

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