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The kids and I walked to our voting location today.

Titus asked the name of our first president.

I told him how George Washington led an army of rebels to fight for our freedom.

“Freedom is precious,” I explained. “It is worth fighting for.”

And fight it seems we’re doing. Opinion this. Opinion that. With the advent of social media, Election Day is noisier than ever – so many voices clamoring to be heard.

Vivi woke up from her afternoon nap sick today. The pace of my day suddenly slowed to the gentle back and forth creak of the rocking chair in her small nursery.

In the dark quiet this evening, she fell asleep in my arms with her hand on my heart.

As I admired this sweet precious moment in my life to be a safe haven for my vulnerable sick daughter, an old song I haven’t sung for a decade began to play in my mind.

A beautiful quiet reminder that in the angry noise of Election Day, I too may find a refuge of peace in my Heavenly Father.

“Refuge” by Darrell Evans

Your call comes like the morning breeze
You spread your wings and cover me
Underneath your shadow I will hide away
For there I’ve found your shelter and there I’d like to stay

Refuge, you are my refuge
When the world is shaken and nothing stands
I will hold on to your hand

Sample “Refuge” here.


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