Why Farmers Don’t Name Their Food

We have a fantastic farmers market near us on Saturday mornings. Most of this year, I’ve been a die-hard fan, there at the market opening every Saturday.

By October, frankly, I was exhausted of planning our meals around the impending expiration of the fresh local produce, so I took a month off and reverted back to my old ways of frozen veggies and grocery store fruit imports.

Did I mention October was the only month this year we’ve had a sick visit to the doctor? Linked? Maybe.

By this morning, I was well-refreshed from my month break and was ready to get back to the market. I’m so happy I did! This season in Texas is fantastic – the winter produce is overlapping with the lingering summer produce still, so we have a beautiful array of fall tomatoes, hot peppers, leafy greens and winter squash.

Seeing as Halloween is over, pumpkins were on sale. We bought the biggest pumpkin I’ve ever purchased for only $5.

“Oh, I see you’ve chosen Bubba,” said the farmer as he handed me a card to pick up my pumpkin when I was finished shopping.

We nearly forgot our pumpkin. As I was loading our produce and the kids into the car, I saw the farmer’s card.

“Titus, we almost forgot Bubba!” I exclaimed.

“Who’s Bubba?” he asked.

“Our pumpkin!”

Instead of the whine I expected from my tired boy, he flashed me a huge grin, “YES! We MUST get Bubba!”

It was rather difficult, but I managed to get Bubba and the kids safely back to the car.

“Bubba, you’re gonna love riding in a car!” exclaimed Titus as I loaded the pumpkin into the front seat.

Then, came the dreaded question.

“Mom, if our pumpkin has a name, does he WANT to be eaten?”

No one tells women that “ability to think on your toes” is part of the motherhood job description.

“Why YES! Of course!” I happily reassured Titus.

“In fact, do you know how Bubba would MOST like to be eaten?” I asked.

Titus looked at me with big eyes.

“In a pie.”

He laughed happily at the thought of Bubba in a pie.

Well, I steered us clear of tears for now, but come time for pie…er, um…hmmm.

Indeed before bed tonight Titus gave the pumpkin a big hug and said, “Bubba, I love you.”

I think tears might be in the forecast this month.


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