Family / Inspiration

Town Lake Trail

Since Fridays are usually our day off, we often schedule a family day together.

Today we decided to take a walk on the trails around Lady Bird Lake.

Vivi was so excited about our outing, she fell asleep in the car. We decided to try to let her sleep longer. We hit the drive thru at P. Terry’s and sat in the car at Zilker Park to eat lunch while she slept.

Kenny’s working his latest Zoolander look, Blue Steel.

Titus is a fan of construction vehicles. He thought our car picnic was extremely exciting because we had front row seats to watch the cherry picker and construction crew hanging the lights to build the park’s huge Christmas tree.

When Vivi woke up, we hit the trail.

“Oh, we have to park under the bridge,” observed Kenny.

Being a ’90’s teen I immediately started humming “Under the Bridge,” by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Kenny just rolled his eyes.

I have no idea why we haven’t visited this trail yet. It’s quite beautiful!

Pretty Passenger


Cypress Trees

Watching Turtles

Austin Skyline Views

Two Swans a Swimming

Kayakers on Lady Bird Lake


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