Genevieve Turns One

Yesterday was Genevieve’s birthday. We invited family friends with a daughter Genevieve’s age to dinner. Kenny’s parents are in town early for Thanksgiving and were able to join in the fun too. Since all our family live far away, having grandparents around for Genevieve’s birthday was an extra special treat. I do not think of … Continue reading


Random Brain Dialogue

I have a brain that prefers rabbit trails to frequently traveled highways of thought. My son seems to take after me. May I present the following conversation as evidence of this? Titus: “Mom, who owns germs?” “Germs are open source,” is the first answer that comes to mind. As freely as the preschool crowd shares … Continue reading

Faith / Family / Inspiration


The kids and I walked to our voting location today. Titus asked the name of our first president. I told him how George Washington led an army of rebels to fight for our freedom. “Freedom is precious,” I explained. “It is worth fighting for.” And fight it seems we’re doing. Opinion this. Opinion that. With … Continue reading