Family / Inspiration

Barton Creek

The areas surrounding Austin are full of beautiful cold spring-fed creeks, rivers and swimming holes. August in Austin is akin to a blazing inferno, and the springs offer the sweetest relief from the heat.

Thursday was sunny and warm. My sisters and I rented a canoe in Barton Creek.

Drought conditions blanket the entire state of Texas.

The water level in Barton Creek is low enough that all the vegetation in the bottom of creek now stretches to the top of the creek creating areas that are rather difficult to navigate.

Having been to the creek before, I was determined we’d paddle through the greenery to the mouth of the creek that opens into Lady Bird Lake, a small serene lake that offers quiet views of the city skyline.

My sisters were game for the adventure.

We’d look ahead, guess the best path through the rough areas, paddle hard to gain momentum and then muscle our way through the greenery.

In the end, the work was worth it. We paddled through a herd of ducks taking their late afternoon bath, rounded the corner of a cluster of trees and opened wide into the lake to reveal this view.

Beautiful sweet memories.


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