A Game: Where’s the Pacifier?

Vivi loves her pacifier. It soothes her to sleep and is her steadfast friend through the night.

That is, until it’s not.

We play a little game at our house. It goes something like this:

1. Vivi throws the pacifier out of the crib in the night.

2. She regrets her decision immediately and wails pathetically, “Nigh, nigh. Nigh, nigh!”

3. I hear her in the monitor. In my sleepy stupor, I roll over and shake Kenny. “She’s lost her pacifier. (Um, we COULD ask, “What’s wrong with this picture?” on this step, but we won’t. Right? Right? Kenny MIGHT prefer it if I just got up and found the pacifier, since I’m the one who’s awake. Maybe. Perhaps. It’s certainly possible.)

4. Kenny groggily gets up, finds the pacifier and sleeping resumes as normal.

5. Vivi earns bonus points if she hides the pacifier so well that daddy AND mommy have to get up to crawl around on her floor looking for the pacifier.

Did I mention this game is best played at 4 a.m.?

NOTE: We DO have a pacifier clip, so we don’t play this little game quite as often now.


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