Morning Tears

Baby girl is not impressed with the medicine for her ear infection. She’s perfecting the art of avoiding it. So far I’d give her a 10 on her avoidance techniques. Please bear in mind, all of her avoidance methods are accompanied by loud crying and alligator tears, which of course triggers stress hormones in every mother, making the situation seem particularly unbearable.

1. The Head Shake – This is a preemptive defense. She senses her momma is not exactly hand-to-eye coordinated. So she shakes her head violently to avoid receiving the medicine. I think this baby behavior influenced our universal “no” side-to-side head nod long ago.

2. The Pursed Lip – A tightly clamped mouth is the second line of defense, should I actually connect the medicine syringe to her mouth with her violent head shaking.

3. The Side Dribble – Should the medicine actually make it to her mouth, she’s perfected the art of turning her head to the side I cannot see and letting the medicine dribble out of her mouth. This method is quite useful for releasing a particularly pathetic crying whimper as well.

4. The Whale Spout Blow – My sister warned me about this infant-medicine-avoidance technique. It took baby girl a couple days to discover it, but she’s quickly making up for lost ground. The basic concept is this: get a mouthful of medicine and spew it across the room as far as possible. If we’re passing out bonus points for distance, I do believe baby’s winning.


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