I’m a minimalist. Other than weekly groceries and a few wardrobe updates each season, we just don’t buy many things. This practice keeps life simple. It also means that Titus adores Christmas! Given my minimalism, new toys aren’t a frequent occurrence, so Christmas gifts are really special and very exciting. Target sent us their annual … Continue reading


Wise Words

If you seek wisdom, read on. Here are a few sage nuggets Austin offered this weekend. Great question, huh? Would love to hear your answer. Nothing like trying on a $120 jacket at Anthropologie at the same time my sister flipped open a nearby book to the page saying, “Spend no money today.” Good advice. … Continue reading


South Congress (SoCo)

I love the colors of South Congress Street. Quirky local shops, upscale boutiques, gourmet eateries and food trucks are friendly neighbors on this bustling street crowded with locals, tourists and frequent visitors from the Food Network. Yarn at Hill Country Weavers. Indian folk art blankets at Tesoros Trading Company. Saltwater Taffy at Big Top Candy … Continue reading